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Deck Maintenance to Do Before Memorial Day Weekend

Although some BBQ on the deck year-round, many Minnesotans have their first big backyard BBQ on the deck on Memorial Day. 

Whether you plan a Memorial Day BBQ on your deck or sooner, you have a few things to do to prepare beyond ordering food and cleaning the BBQ grill and smoker. BTW, if you need a thorough power washing, call (651) 699-3504 for our power washing technicians.      

Remove Debris & Clean the Deck

Unless you plan to change the paint or stain, a power wash might not be necessary. In fact, power washing could make it necessary to repaint or stain if you use too much pressure or the wrong detergent. 

It is wise and typically less expensive to leave that to trained professionals who will use the correct pressure and pet and plant-friendly detergent. However, if you choose to DIY the power wash, use only a weak to medium pressure.

Although, it usually only requires sweeping and mopping with a mild detergent to remove any road-clearing chemicals your municipality uses. Check to make sure the detergent you use is compatible with your deck material. You might need to use a crevice cleaner to get stuck-on materials from between the planks.

Check All the Nails & Fasteners

Winter’s constant temperature changes and the expanding and contracting of your deck material could cause anils and fasteners to back out slightly. Even a nail protruding one-fourth of an inch could be enough to send grandma sprawling with a plate of burgers when it catches on her shoes.

Be sure to check the railings if you have any. A protruding nail there could catch your skin or clothing. Raise nails and loose boards are the most frequent causes of slips, trips and falls on decks. Splinters are also a cause for concern.

Also, check the footing under the deck to ensure the severe Minnesota weather didn’t damage the deck’s foundation.

Is It Time for an Upgrade?

Due to the harsh weather in Minnesota, wood might not be the perfect deck material. If you are considering an upgrade, talk to the Roof-to-Deck professionals about using composite materials. 

Composite materials or “faux” wood are easier to maintain. Plus, they look new and last longer than many natural wood planks. 

Likewise, you might consider adding built-in benches along the side rails. You can have storage built into these benches to store grilling supplies and outdoor games. 

Outdoor lighting and speaker systems are other considerations for your deck upgrade.

Roof-to-Deck Can Help with Repairs You Might Not Have Time or Tools to Complete

This spring, give us a call at 1-877-687-3639 to get your deck in shape for the coming summer months and backyard BBQs. Send an email to info@rooftodeck.com, or use our handy contact request.

Deck Maintenance to Do Before Memorial Day Weekend

Spring Things to Do for Your Roof

Winter is finally over in the Twin City area (maybe), and it is time to check your roof for damage from wind, snow, ice and snowmelt.

Roof & Attic Inspection

Many homeowners don’t consider how much damage the constant melt of snow and reforming as ice on their roof can damage shingles, flashing and caulking. During the day, while the sun is shining, the snow melts, then at night, when the temperatures drop, ice forms.

That ice often pushes up under the shingles or other roofing material and loosens the fasteners, caulking, and flashing that protects your home from the elements. So, there could be snowmelt puddling in your attic right now that you haven’t noticed.

The danger of moisture in your attic is that some of it evaporates, then mold and mildew form, and the evaporation damages the wooden roof supports. The insulation will catch most of the snowmelt and rainwater to keep it from coming down into your home.

However, the mold and mildew forming could be a hazard to your family’s respiratory systems, which have already been compromised during the last two years.

The professional roofing technicians at Roof-To-Deck can do a comprehensive inspection of your roof and attic to ensure the flashing and caulking are in place to keep moisture out, the attic is adequately ventilated, and none of the roofing material fasteners have backed out.

Clean the Gutters & Downspouts

Whether you cleaned your gutters and downspouts in the fall before the snow and ice, you should consider at least checking them this spring—especially if trees are hanging over the roof. You might want to get those cut back as well.

After the gutters and downspouts are cleaned, consider adding “gutter guards” that flip up to keep debris, leaves and twigs out of the gutters to give you better peace of mind.

These can be costly to install, but you won’t need to get your gutters cleaned again as long as you have them. That could be cost-effective over the long haul. Plastic screens cost about 40 cents to $1.00 per linear foot, and micro-mesh can be $2.00 to $4.00 per linear foot. Ask the professional installers at Roof-to-Deck for a free estimate.

Schedule a Professional Consultation for Repairs   

Call the Roof-to-Deck office at 1-877-687-3639 toll-free, use the convenient contact form, or email us at info@rooftodeck.com to schedule an inspection and consultation.

Spring Things to Do for Your Roof

Do I Need to Clean My Roof?

This may not be a question you ever considered, but homeowners need to know the benefits behind roof cleaning, as well as where to go to make sure the job is done right. Here are some ways roof cleaning can protect your home and keep your roof performing for years to come.

You Mean That Grows on My Roof?

You may be shocked to find out what actually grows on your roof. Most of us assume that dirt accumulates on our roof, but did you know that algae, fungus, and moss grow there too? These growths can cause damage to your roof shingles and lead to a shorter roof life. But you may be thinking that a little algae can’t hurt anything, right? Wrong! The algae growing on your roof feeds on asphalt roof shingles, which can cause you all kinds of trouble. In addition, the roots of lichens can bury themselves into the shingles, damaging them to the point of failure. On top of all of this, these growths can freeze in the winter, causing even more damage. 

How Do I Get Rid of It?

If you have noticed discoloration on your shingles, it is possible that you have mold, fungus, algae, or lichen growing and starting to cause damage. It is important not to delay in having your roof examined by a professional. This is where Roof-to-Deck comes in. Our team can come and give your roof a thorough examination to identify the problem. Once identified, we can tell you the best course of action to clean your roof so it can last longer.

If you live in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, give Roof-to-Deck a call to schedule a consultation. Our team will evaluate and put your mind at ease. Give us a call today at 952-352-9986.

Do I Need to Clean My Roof?

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Everyone loves a nice-looking home, but sometimes homeowners do not realize the amount of maintenance involved in the upkeep of a home. It’s easy to get caught up in the interior design, but the outside is just as important to the overall appeal of your home and, if properly maintained, can save you cash for major repairs.

Take Care of Your Deck

Your deck is a place that exists to entertain, so it is important to keep it maintained. A properly cared-for deck can make your home look like a million bucks and can make you the envy of the neighborhood. Since wood decks go through cycles of expansion and contraction during seasonal changes, it is important to have them inspected and cared for by a professional. Roof-to-Deck brings years of experience to deck cleaning, staining, and restoration to keep your deck looking like new for years to come.

Clean Those Gutters

As we enter the fall season, don’t forget that those pretty fall leaves end up in your gutters. This buildup can cause all kinds of issues to your home, from rainwater pouring down the siding or even becoming trapped and freezing in the winter months, which could cause siding and roof damage. Trust Roof-to-Deck to clean your gutters so they can keep your home safe from those damaging leaves.

Give Your Home a Bath

Do you know that dirty siding can make your home appear older than it is? It’s true! Not only that, but siding can be coated with mold and other allergy-provoking irritants that can make you feel miserable. Roof-To-Deck’s team has the pressure washing experience you need to keep your house clean and allergen-free.

These are only some ways you can spruce up your curb appeal without ever having to climb a ladder. So, if you want to get your home ready for the beautiful fall season, give Roof-To-Deck a call at 952-352-9986 and speak to one of our experienced staff members.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

How to Maintain Your Log Home with Power Washing and Staining

Log homes are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their unique beauty and craftsmanship. However, the wood exterior requires special care to keep it in optimal condition. Taking care of your log home’s exterior is crucial to enjoying its beauty for years to come. Here is what you need to know to maintain your log home with power washing and staining. 

Annual Professional Power Washing

To keep your log home’s exterior clean, power washing should be done on an annual basis. Special techniques and cleaners need to be used to avoid potential damage. This will help the wood from becoming oversaturated or drying out. Professional power washers are specifically trained to handle the wood in log homes with special care. Professional power washers also have the right protective gear to do the job safely and effectively

Your log home should be checked for log rot or wood damage before any attempts at power washing. A power washing professional can also check for insect infestations. If power washing is done without these inspections, it can create expensive damage.

Frequent Staining 

Applying a new stain to the wood in your log home every few years can help maintain its luster and avoid cracking. Areas with large windows need frequent staining as the increased light exposure can fade the stain. The old stain should first be removed with an eco-friendly stripping and treated with a preparing agent before new stain is applied. 

Roof-to-Deck Restoration Log Home Power Washing and Staining

Proper maintenance of your log home is vital to maintain its beauty and extend the lifespan of your investment. Roof-to-Deck Restoration specializes in power washing and staining for log homes in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Call to receive a free quote for power washing and staining of your log home today. 

How to Maintain Your Log Home with Power Washing and Staining

3 Reasons to Power Wash Your Home This Summer

The exterior of your home is vulnerable to harsh weather elements that can contribute to costly damage. Power washing can be the most effective way to clean your home's exterior to protect your family's health. With the warmer temperatures, summertime can be ideal for power washing your home. Here are three reasons to power wash your home this summer.

Prevent Moisture Damage

If winter moisture stays on your home's exterior, it can create permanent damage. In addition, crevices in your siding can accumulate algae and grime that can leave ugly stains. When you power wash your home during summer, you can eliminate the risks of damage to your biggest investment. 

Eliminate Allergens 

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, over 20 million adults and 6 million children in the U.S. suffer from seasonal allergies. Mold and mildew growth can develop in shady areas and significantly impact your family's health. During the spring, pollen can cling to the exterior. Power wash your home during the summer to eliminate allergens that can make your family and pets sick.

Restore Curb Appeal 

Many individuals are looking to buy a home during the summer months. When you power wash your home, you help restore its curb appeal and boost its overall value. If you are trying to sell, power washing can affect whether you make a sale or not. The exterior of your home can look fresh and renewed, which makes it more attractive to buyers. 

Professional Power Wash Services in Minneapolis

Summer is the perfect time to power wash your home. If you want to get your home clean and still enjoy all your favorite summer activities, consider hiring professional power wash services. Roof-to-Deck Restoration is a leading provider of house washing services in Minneapolis. Make your home beautiful by calling to receive a free quote today.

3 Reasons to Power Wash Your Home This Summer

Protecting Your Deck from the Elements

Minnesotans love their decks, but Minnesota weather does not. With hot, humid summer days and brutally cold winters, your deck can take a beating. Moisture expands wood and heat dries it out. With all those changes, you may wonder whether your deck’s life is at stake.

Giving Your Deck Some TLC

Your deck needs care to survive the day-to-day weather patterns. As time goes by, your deck may warp, crack, pop a nail or two, fade or even develop mildew. Most of these things can be avoided if you give your deck the proper attention. 

Most likely, your deck has some sort of stain or finish on it. That was the first bit of protection given to the wood on your deck. Sadly, most stains don’t last more than three to five years, if that; and walking surfaces have a far shorter life span. With that in mind, each year that goes by, your deck’s life is expiring.

Out with the Old, In with the New

It would be easy if all you had to do to extend the deck’s life was to throw a little more stain or paint on it, but that might only be putting a band aid on a gaping wound. Old stain can hide a lot of problems under it. Your deck needs a new beginning each time you stain it.

It may seem like a lot of work, but removing all that old stain and giving your deck some TLC before you re-stain it can double your deck’s life. The objective is to get down to the original wood, restore it and then add the new stain. Your deck will look as good as the day it was completed the first time. 

Don’t Have Time for All that Work?

Restoring a deck correctly does take time. Most people would much rather be out enjoying themselves on the deck than scrapping away at its rails. Fortunately, there are professionals that know how to do this work well and will even guarantee it.

Roof-To-Deck Restoration specializes in deck restoration in the Twin Cities area. We are fast, friendly and guarantee our work up to three years (18 months on walking areas). Give your deck a new start on life and start enjoying yours on it! Call for a consultation today. 


Protecting Your Deck from the Elements

3 House Projects You Can Afford this Summer

Maybe you were hoping to finally do that DIY home project this summer, but once you priced out what it will cost, you have determined it will have to stay on the back burner for a while longer. It may seem a waste of the summer season, considering you usually accomplish at least one major home improvement project during this time. So, maybe it is time to take on one of those home maintenance projects you may have forgotten needed to be done. 

Roof Cleaning 

Roof cleaning may not even have been on your list. It is a common misconception to think your roof gets its fair share of cleaning each time it rains. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Tree debris, algae and moss tend to build up on your roof, in part due to the rain. 

Most homes have asphalt roofing. Though it is a durable way to roof your house, it can develop algae and moss buildup. Algae often shows up on the north side of your roof as black streaks. Once it takes hold, it can travel to other areas and create a perfect breeding ground for moss to grow. Algae and moss reduce the life of your shingles. 

Cleaning the Deck

A deck adds great value to your home and summertime is a great time to do routine maintenance on that investment. If your deck hasn’t been cleaned and stained in a few years, don’t wait until it really needs it. Worn areas plus dirt and grime will eventually lead the way to greater issues. 

Power washing your deck can really clean it up, but without knowing it, you can also cause greater issues. Knowing the correct way to clean a wood or even a composite deck is important for long life. So be sure to thoroughly research this project before you get started.

House Washing

Last, but not least, is house washing. This is another project that may not have been on your list of things to accomplish, but it is a great way of helping your whole house last longer and look great. Siding of all types, including brick, are subject to the elements in the air.

Algae, mold and dirt can build up and do damage to your home’s exterior. They can cause discoloration and deterioration of vinyl, cement board and brick. A proper power washing can stop the buildup of these harmful substances. It can also reveal areas that need attention, such as where caulking is failing or cracks are forming. 

Roof-To-Deck Restoration is your Twin Cities go-to for all the above projects and more. Get your summer project done with professional results while saving time and, in the long run, money. 

3 House Projects You Can Afford this Summer

Seven Deck Checks for Spring

The rough Minnesota winters can be brutal on your deck. Now that spring’s arrived, it is time to get your deck in ship shape. 

Regular checks and repairs can keep your deck looking good and functioning as it should for years. Most homeowners consider their deck a source of pride. However, when left to its own devices, termites, rot and damage make it an eyesore.

This spring, take the time to check for nail pop-ups, wood damage and other signs of wear and tear. Minor repairs and quick fixes will save you time and money over significant repair projects.   

Consider these seven deck maintenance tasks and repairs.

#1 — Nail Pop-Ups

During temperature changes, your wood deck expands and contracts. This movement often causes the nails to “pop-up.” You have two choices, hammer the nails back in year after year, or replace them with screws.

The Roof-to-Deck professionals can replace the nails with screws and even embed them and cover them with wood putty, so they don’t show.     

#2 — Inspect the Wood 

This task is the most crucial, as unattended wood will succumb to termites and wood rot. Poke a few boards with a knife to ensure they are still solid. Check for small trails in the wood, which are a sign of early termite infestation.

You might also need to clean, sand, polish, stain or paint.  

#3 — Check the Steps & Stairs 

Check the risers, treads, and stringers on the steps and stairs for mildew or mold buildup. 

Also, call the local building inspector’s office to ensure your steps and stairs meet municipal codes to avoid insurance problems and fines.

#4 — Check the Railings & Balusters

Are these fastened tightly? Is there bending or warping? If the railings or balusters are easily shaken, tighten them up with some new screws.

#5 — Check the Support Posts & Joists

Get up under the deck and check for possible wet or dry rot to support posts and joists.

#6 — Check for Discolored or Weathered Boards

You should clean your deck twice annually, in autumn and the spring. It is good to use an oxidizing bleach with one part bleach to three parts water to dissolve mold and mildew. Use a nylon-bristled brush to clean off tough stains.

Replace rotten or weathered boards, railings or steps. 

#7 — Paint or Reseal

If you are going to reseal or paint, get the RTD Powerwashing crew to do a thorough cleaning, and if you don’t have time, they can take care of all your Roof-to-Deck needs. 

We know you’re busy, so call the RTD techs if you don’t have tools, time, or know-how.  

Call the Professionals at RTD for a Free Estimate    

Call the RTD professionals at 952.352.9986. We make it possible to conduct business without customer contact during these trying times; give us a call. 

Seven Deck Checks for Spring

Do Your Cedar Shingles Need a New Lease on Life?

Cedar shingles resist pests and rot better than most woods. However, left to the elements, it will turn to a silvery gray color that looks aged. 

Some like that natural look, while others want bright shiny cedar shakes that look clean and new. It much the same with gray hair; some leave it in, some dye it out. It’s a personal preference.

However, just because you let it gray, you should not ignore it, as you will diminish its lifespan. Take care of cedar shingles on the roof or siding, and it will last much longer than most wood sidings.

Cedar Advantages:

  • Resists termites and other bugs.
  • Resists rotting when maintained.
  • Looks great for years with a minimum of maintenance.

Cedar Disadvantages:

  • Requires maintenance.
  • Woodpeckers love it.
  • A fire hazard. 

Of course, you can DIY but if you want a professional finish, call the RTD technicians.

Cedar Maintenance

If you intend to let your cedar siding or cedar shingles age naturally, it needs very little maintenance. Clean with a long-handled brush or wand with plenty of water and oxidizing bleach to kill algae, mold, and mildew. Forest Products Labs advises not using household bleach as it can damage the cedar.  

You can use a mixture of one part bleach and three parts water. After applying, let it stand for 15 minutes or more. Use a nylon-bristled brush to remove tough spots, and then rinse it with a garden hose. 

If no trees or bushes surround your home, you can do this every five to seven years. Pine and other trees overhanging your house might require more frequent cleaning. 

Staining Cedar Shingles & Siding 

Once you clean and let dry your shakes, cover your plants and landscaping with plastic or drop cloths and spray one side at a time. You can safeguard your shingles with a clear-coat protectant, stain, or paint.

Should We Paint? 

OMG, no, why would you do that? Seriously, you could if you want ordinary painted siding with no warm natural texture. Most people love the looks of varnished or stained cedar siding, and we agree.  

However, we recommend using water-based paint rather than enamel or semi-gloss if you want to paint. It is so much easier to clean off or scrape when you get ready to return to a natural wood finish or repaint. 

If you don’t have the time, tools or know-how, call RTD.  

Call the Professionals at RTD for a Free Estimate    

Call the RTD professionals at 952.352.9986. We make it possible to conduct business without customer contact during these trying times. Give us a call.

Do Your Cedar Shingles Need a New Lease on Life?
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