Most homeowners have never even heard of roof rot, let alone had to deal with it. The primary reason for that is the “out of sight, out of mind” attitude many homeowners have about their roof.

Roof rot occurs when too much moisture in your attic and roof rafters becomes dry rotted, weakening your roof’s support system. If not repaired, it could eventually cause your roof to collapse. Sometimes, this occurs without any warning because the support got wet and dried repeatedly, and no one noticed because they didn’t get an attic or roof inspection.

Home and business owners should get an attic and roof inspection annually. However, just like cancer screening, no one wants to get it done because they do not want the bad news. But just like cancer, the sooner it’s discovered, the less expensive the repair. 

Call the roofing professionals at Roof-to-Deck to schedule an annual inspection; your wallet will be glad you did. 

The Primary Causes of Roof Rot

There are many causes of roof rot, such as humidity, leaks, poor ventilation, and gutter, or soffit damage is the most common. 

Leaks are the most prevalent. During the harsh Minnesota winters, ice backs up against the chimney or plumbing (commonly called a stink pipe) and causes damage. Since all that snow is sitting there, no one notices. Sometimes the damage causes a leak, which once again is not seen because the insulation absorbs the moisture.

The same can happen from poor ventilation and humidity in the summer. Once the moisture builds up, it forms a puddle against your support beams. When it dries, it causes dry rot to the supports. These rafters will need to be repaired or replaced. 

Repairing Roof Rot

Repairing roof rot is the least expensive if done by professionals because they will take the right measures to ensure all the damage is found and removed.  The cause of roof rot must be eliminated before repairing dry rot and only repair non-structural supports and beams.

Remove and replace any soaked insulation. Remove as much of the wood damage as possible, and then apply a wood consolidant to restore strength to the beams. 

In many cases, it is better to replace the damaged wood than repair it, but a professional will know which is the best course of action.   

Once again, call the roofing technicians at Roof-to-Deck for a comprehensive inspection. 

Preventing Roof Rot 

The preferred method of dealing with roof rot for most homeowners is to prevent it. Although there are circumstances where it may be unstoppable or overlooked, there are steps to prevent it.   

Get your roof checked in the spring to ensure no winter ice caused damage to the shingles, flashing, gutters, or soffit.   

Have a professional check for leaks and built-up humidity. Where there is too much humidity, install an attic fan to keep your attic from getting too hot.    

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