You are a homeowner. You spend hours, days, weeks, months, and years obsessing over almost every aspect of your home. You make sure it is clean and beautiful on the interior and exterior. You paint the walls, cut the grass, and power wash your deck as often as needed. You likely leave no stone unturned and take great pride in your home. Yet, the phrase “Out of sight, out of mind” is very relevant when it comes to your roof. Because you cannot see the majority of your roof, you likely do not think of it unless it begins to leak. You do not look to see the dirt piled up on it or the pieces chipping off. You likely do not know the material of your roof. 

However, your roof is a part of your home and one which people see from the furthest distance away. It is time to stop and take notice of your roof.


The Material

First, what material makes up your roof? There are three major types of roofing materials used in today’s marketplace: cedar; asphalt; and fiberglass. Each material has its benefits and if properly maintained, can add to the beauty of your home. Asphalt roofing using asphalt to add to the waterproofing of your roof, allowing water to simply slide off the roof, instead of sink into the roof, protecting your home from water damage. Fiberglass roofs are often sleek and a flatter roof, utilizing fiberglass to bead water and allow it to slide off your roof easily. Of course cedar roofing utilizes cedar and is often a more expensive, higher quality look.

Keeping It Clean

No matter what type of roof material is on your home, it must be kept clean for numerous reasons. First, keeping it clean keeps it aesthetically pleasing. Considering your roof is 40% of what others see, even if you do not notice it, you want to make sure it is streak free and well maintained. Additionally, if you ignore your roof, you may be ignoring small problems that will inevitably become large problems. Replacing a part of a roof is much more manageable than replacing an entire roof.  Finally, if you allow debris to remain on your roof, it eventually piles up and creates other issues. Depending on the weight of the debris, you roof may begin to cave or crack. If not maintained, this can cause a large issue involving not just a roof replacement, but may lead to leaks and damage inside your home. Therefore, it is essential to care for your roof in the same manner in which you care for the rest of your home.

If you are in need of roof maintenance or restoration, contact the experts at Roof to Deck Restoration at 952.352.9986. Our experts will gladly come to your home to inspect your roof and determine the issues you may have. We will determine whether a simple roof cleaning is in order or a more intensive project may be needed.