Your home is more than just the house you occupy. It is every addition to your property, including your yard, shed, and even your fence. Your fence is designed to not only keep things in, but to keep things out as well. A well-constructed, well-maintained fence can help keep rodents, stray animals, and unwanted individuals off of your property, protecting your home and your personal property. Therefore, when you are taking the time to freshen up your home, do not forget your hard-working fence in the process. 

What Can Happen to Your Forgotten Fence?

As mentioned above, your fence is the border of your property that is meant to protect your property from both things getting out and things getting in. A wooden fence, in particular, is subject to many issues is left forgotten, allowing things to easily get in and out of your home. Boards may begin to deteriorate, causing holes in the fence. IF too many boards deteriorate, the entire infrastructure of your fence is compromised.

Furthermore, a forgotten fence is, well, ugly. It can decrease property values, making you and your home less desirable to the neighborhood. It will begin to add to the decrease in property values throughout your entire neighborhood, which leaves you very unpopular with the neighbors. You may even be strongly advised to either get rid of the fence or fix it, if you wish to keep it up.

How to Maintain Your Fence

The first step to maintaining your fence is to make sure you clean it every spring, at the very least. Just like you make it a point to clean your home’s exterior after every winter, it is essential to clean your fence after every winter. This type of cleaning is not the standard of washing it down with a garden hose, which can actually do more harm than good. This is referring to pressure washing your fence. When a professional comes to your home to pressure wash your wooden fence, he or she will also take note of any problem areas they find in the wood. If the wood is well maintained with no problem areas, then you can move onto the next season with ease. However, if the boards are beginning to deteriorate or missing altogether, the professional cleaner should be able to make the appropriate repairs to help your fence look like new!

Once this stage is complete, you must make sure the fence does not need to be restained, to keep it looking fresh and clean.  Every few years, any wood would need a fresh coat of stain to keep it looking pristine. If your fence has hit this stage in its lifecycle, then once it has been properly cleaned, it may be a good idea to stain it and freshen it up.

If your home has a wooden fence and it needs maintenance, contact the experts at Roof to Deck Restoration at 952.352.9986 today. Our experts can help you make sure your wooden fence is always well maintained and keeping the proper items in and out of your home.