Log homes are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their unique beauty and craftsmanship. However, the wood exterior requires special care to keep it in optimal condition. Taking care of your log home’s exterior is crucial to enjoying its beauty for years to come. Here is what you need to know to maintain your log home with power washing and staining. 

Annual Professional Power Washing

To keep your log home’s exterior clean, power washing should be done on an annual basis. Special techniques and cleaners need to be used to avoid potential damage. This will help the wood from becoming oversaturated or drying out. Professional power washers are specifically trained to handle the wood in log homes with special care. Professional power washers also have the right protective gear to do the job safely and effectively

Your log home should be checked for log rot or wood damage before any attempts at power washing. A power washing professional can also check for insect infestations. If power washing is done without these inspections, it can create expensive damage.

Frequent Staining 

Applying a new stain to the wood in your log home every few years can help maintain its luster and avoid cracking. Areas with large windows need frequent staining as the increased light exposure can fade the stain. The old stain should first be removed with an eco-friendly stripping and treated with a preparing agent before new stain is applied. 

Roof-to-Deck Restoration Log Home Power Washing and Staining

Proper maintenance of your log home is vital to maintain its beauty and extend the lifespan of your investment. Roof-to-Deck Restoration specializes in power washing and staining for log homes in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Call to receive a free quote for power washing and staining of your log home today.