The rough Minnesota winters can be brutal on your deck. Now that spring’s arrived, it is time to get your deck in ship shape. 

Regular checks and repairs can keep your deck looking good and functioning as it should for years. Most homeowners consider their deck a source of pride. However, when left to its own devices, termites, rot and damage make it an eyesore.

This spring, take the time to check for nail pop-ups, wood damage and other signs of wear and tear. Minor repairs and quick fixes will save you time and money over significant repair projects.   

Consider these seven deck maintenance tasks and repairs.

#1 — Nail Pop-Ups

During temperature changes, your wood deck expands and contracts. This movement often causes the nails to “pop-up.” You have two choices, hammer the nails back in year after year, or replace them with screws.

The Roof-to-Deck professionals can replace the nails with screws and even embed them and cover them with wood putty, so they don’t show.     

#2 — Inspect the Wood 

This task is the most crucial, as unattended wood will succumb to termites and wood rot. Poke a few boards with a knife to ensure they are still solid. Check for small trails in the wood, which are a sign of early termite infestation.

You might also need to clean, sand, polish, stain or paint.  

#3 — Check the Steps & Stairs 

Check the risers, treads, and stringers on the steps and stairs for mildew or mold buildup. 

Also, call the local building inspector’s office to ensure your steps and stairs meet municipal codes to avoid insurance problems and fines.

#4 — Check the Railings & Balusters

Are these fastened tightly? Is there bending or warping? If the railings or balusters are easily shaken, tighten them up with some new screws.

#5 — Check the Support Posts & Joists

Get up under the deck and check for possible wet or dry rot to support posts and joists.

#6 — Check for Discolored or Weathered Boards

You should clean your deck twice annually, in autumn and the spring. It is good to use an oxidizing bleach with one part bleach to three parts water to dissolve mold and mildew. Use a nylon-bristled brush to clean off tough stains.

Replace rotten or weathered boards, railings or steps. 

#7 — Paint or Reseal

If you are going to reseal or paint, get the RTD Powerwashing crew to do a thorough cleaning, and if you don’t have time, they can take care of all your Roof-to-Deck needs. 

We know you’re busy, so call the RTD techs if you don’t have tools, time, or know-how.  

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