Spring time is a time to begin anew. The weather is getting nicer, yet it is not too hot to enjoy the outdoors. The snow has melted and birds are chirping once again. Everything about spring is picturesque, until you take a good look at your home. Your home has dealt with the worst of winter and come through still standing. Yet, it is not unscathed. The paint on your exterior is chipping. The gutters are clogged with leaves and other pieces of nature. Your deck has water stains that only a ton of snow can leave. As you look at the beauty and rebirth around your home, you think that your home could use some restoration to match the surrounding beauty.

The Basics

Just like you will commence with spring cleaning inside your home, spring cleaning should occur on the exterior of your home. Start with the basics. First, check the gutters. Hopefully, you keep up on the gutters throughout the winter to avoid ice dams. However, now we are at least a month into spring and these gutters need to be checked again. Make sure there are no leaves or branches clogging your gutters, preventing rainwater from properly draining from your roof. The alternative may be a much costlier leak inside your walls.

Once the gutters are cleaned, make sure to power wash the exterior of your home. As with the interior, you want to start with the roof and work your way down to remove any grime that may have fallen to the lower parts of your home. Power washing will help remove dirt and grime, but it will also remove paint chips that are close to falling off anyway. This will help you better access the damage the winter has done to your home and restore it properly. It is also essential to power wash your deck and fence.

A Little Elbow Grease

Now, look at your clean home and assess it. Do you need a new coat of paint? Does your deck or fence need to be re-stained? Do you need to repair your gutters or replace a part of the roof? Typically, if you complete the basics every year, the elbow grease and restoration year to year will be minimal, if it exists at all. However, if you have ignored the exterior of your home year after year, be prepared to restore more of your home. As with any home improvement project, doing nothing and ignoring the issues will not make them go away or cause them to stay the same. As a matter of fact, ignoring the issues and repairs that may be needed will cause it to only get worse each year. Therefore, stay on top of it every spring and prep your home for winter in the fall to make sure your home lasts for many years to come.

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