gutter cleaning minnesotaIn the eyes of a homeowner, the subject of gutter cleaning is not at the top of their to-do list. Many “weekend warriors” don’t even think about their gutters until they clog up, and they have to focus in on them to unclog them.

Truth be told, gutter cleaning in MN is actually very important, far more import than you give them credit for. If the gutters are not working properly here in Minnesota where we have incumbent weather, the water and moisture created can produce a lot of wear and tear on your home, causing severe water damage to the outside and potentially the inside of your home, devaluing your prized possession.

How badly can clogged gutters affect your home?

  1. Leaks in the basements and cracks in the foundation:

    Basement water issues can be caused by many things. However, the number one cause of water issues in a basement is clogged gutters. If gutters stay clogged, basement leaks and cracking foundations are usually just moments away.

  2. Rotting Wood:

    If gutters are clogged and debris continuously piles up in the shingles and flushing, water moisture can get trapped inside and cause major damage to your fascia board. This water moisture has the ability to also affect the framing and sheeting, which goes beyond the fascia. This debris which is causing a pile up can work like a straw in a glass of water, bring water moisture into the bottom, and then pulling the water moisture up into the fascia rotting the wood. If you think adding a new gutter system is just too expensive. Remember, it will cost thousands of dollars to have to replace all that rotting wood when you just could have paid a couple hundred dollars, let Roof to Deck unclog those gutters, and prevented this whole ordeal.

  3. The animal kingdom breeding in your gutters:  

    Not maintaining your gutters also creates another problem that is very bothersome. Debris and water creates tiny ponds inside your gutters the perfect breeding ground for infamous Minnesota Mosquitos. Bugs love moisture and so do other insects, plants, birds and even mice! So if you do not want parts of the animal kingdom living and breeding in your gutters, it is important to get them cleaned regularly.

  4. Driveways are not exempt: 

    With the whacky weather we have here in Minnesota, unclogging gutters should always be on the to-do list. If its not, downspouts can occur, giving your driveway and, potentially, walkways, a crack or an unsightly sagging look to it.


Some weekend warriors are able to unclog their own gutters. But this is only after they have spent hours reading magazines on gutters, asking their neighbor (who talks too much) how they unclogged their gutters last year, or spending hours reading home improvement articles.

We here at Roof to Deck are one of Minnesota’s leading gutter cleaning companies. We practice safe and unique ways that will not put stress on your home and keep your basements and fascia dry for years to come. Request a free online estimate today!