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Chain Link Fence Louisville

Fencing can be an essential thing for a home or property. Setting boundaries around your property allow for security. Whether that is for your home or business, finding the right fencing for the situation is essential.

Knowing just what type of fencing and the professionals to install it can be a challenging endeavor but being able to put up a sturdy, dependable fence can make any property feel more secure. But who can you turn to when you are looking to put fencing up around your property?

What is a reliable chain link fence company in Louisville, KY?

Fence It Now is a local company owned by Kentucky natives Mike and Jason. Fence It Now brings a plethora of experience – over 25 years in the industry – and services several counties in Kentucky like Shelby, Grayson, Jefferson, Bullitt, Nelson, Meade, Larue, and Hardin. Fence It Now has completed over 7,500 projects, satisfying nearly 8,000 customers in the greater Kentucky area.

Our chain link fences are galvanized and available for both commercial and residential. We also offer black coated fencing for that darker aesthetic to your property. In addition to chain link fences, we also provide wood (pickets, farm, board, and privacy fences), aluminum fences for both residential and commercial properties, and vinyl fences (picket, farm or any other style of fencing that you may desire).

Choosing Fence It Now means that you get fast, courteous, and reliable service. We focus on providing not only the very best service but quality fence building and installation. We aim to make the entire fence installation process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Most importantly, we will continue our high level of commitment to you even after the job is done. Should a customer find something wrong with the craftsmanship of one of our fences, we will correct it so that you are happy.

What is the cost of chain link fencing?

The answer to that question can vary significantly on many things. If you are paying for a company to come out and install the fence for you, it can cost somewhere in the $1,000-3,000 range depending on the company and the services that they offer and the amount of square footage that is required to complete the job.

If completing the work yourself or with the help of friends, the cost can change substantially. Prices for chain link fences generally range from $7-12 per linear foot for a fence that is four-feet high. That would mean a 200 linear foot fence would cost in the $1,400-2,400 range for the materials. Of course, labor is free, so that is a potentially huge saving when electing to install it yourself.

But if you don't know how to or have never installed a fence yourself, it is imperative to understand the procedure before taking on the job yourself. You can quickly turn a job into a significant, stressful expenditure that can drag on if not done correctly. That is one of the many reasons why it pays to leave it to the professionals who have gone through the process many times.

Chain Link Fence Louisville
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Chain Link Fence Louisville
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