Maybe you were hoping to finally do that DIY home project this summer, but once you priced out what it will cost, you have determined it will have to stay on the back burner for a while longer. It may seem a waste of the summer season, considering you usually accomplish at least one major home improvement project during this time. So, maybe it is time to take on one of those home maintenance projects you may have forgotten needed to be done. 

Roof Cleaning 

Roof cleaning may not even have been on your list. It is a common misconception to think your roof gets its fair share of cleaning each time it rains. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Tree debris, algae and moss tend to build up on your roof, in part due to the rain. 

Most homes have asphalt roofing. Though it is a durable way to roof your house, it can develop algae and moss buildup. Algae often shows up on the north side of your roof as black streaks. Once it takes hold, it can travel to other areas and create a perfect breeding ground for moss to grow. Algae and moss reduce the life of your shingles. 

Cleaning the Deck

A deck adds great value to your home and summertime is a great time to do routine maintenance on that investment. If your deck hasn’t been cleaned and stained in a few years, don’t wait until it really needs it. Worn areas plus dirt and grime will eventually lead the way to greater issues. 

Power washing your deck can really clean it up, but without knowing it, you can also cause greater issues. Knowing the correct way to clean a wood or even a composite deck is important for long life. So be sure to thoroughly research this project before you get started.

House Washing

Last, but not least, is house washing. This is another project that may not have been on your list of things to accomplish, but it is a great way of helping your whole house last longer and look great. Siding of all types, including brick, are subject to the elements in the air.

Algae, mold and dirt can build up and do damage to your home’s exterior. They can cause discoloration and deterioration of vinyl, cement board and brick. A proper power washing can stop the buildup of these harmful substances. It can also reveal areas that need attention, such as where caulking is failing or cracks are forming. 

Roof-To-Deck Restoration is your Twin Cities go-to for all the above projects and more. Get your summer project done with professional results while saving time and, in the long run, money.