Composite Deck Cleaning Experts In Minneapolis, St. Paul & Beyond. 

Protect your composite deck and keep it looking new.

Composite decks are considered low maintenance decking. To keep your deck healthy and looking great, your composite deck will need to be washed from time to time. Similar to how your bathtub gets dirty and needs to be cleaned, so does your composite deck. Some people will choose to wash their composite deck annually, some will wash it less frequently. The primary benefit of a composite deck is that it does not and should not be sealed or stained (there are exceptions to this, check with your manufacturer for details).

It is very important that your composite deck be washed properly. The wrong cleaning agents may void your warranty and may damage your deck. Roof to Deck uses a composite deck cleaning soap mixed with sodium hypochlorite. The soap emulsifies and removes the dirt and grime and the sodium hypochlorite kills the mold and algae.

Quite a few of the composite decks we clean also have wood parts to the deck. We are uniquely qualified to clean the composite and deck portions and stain/seal the wood portions with a protective sealer/stain. We have a limited warranty on our wood sealing/staining. Click here for limited warranty details.

Trust the experts of Roof to Deck Restoration to maintaining your composite deck.