Roof to Deck Reviews – See What Customers Are Saying!

Our Goal at Roof to Deck Restoration

Completely Satisfied Customers

We want you to be so happy with the results that you are compelled to tell your neighbors, friends, and family about us.

Take a moment to read what our customers and others have written us regarding our work

“My deck is beautiful.”

Beanie F.

“…we are extremely happy with the job that Paul did on our home. The difference is like night and day. We definitely will recommend your services to our family, friends, neighbors, etc.”

Randy and Debbie N.

“I would certainly recommend this company to others. Their work is excellent!”

Elaine S.

“Thanks for a job well done.”

Joe J.

“Your work was excellent.”

Jim and Loraine T.

“Excellent result on a deck in very bad condition.”

Richard B.

“This is an excellent service at a reasonable price!!”

Dennis M.

“You helped us greatly by providing such quick service. Our home sold to the first prospect.”

Pat D.

“Received compliments from neighbors on how nice the roof looks now.”

Dean M.

“Your quick response helped sell our house in 4 days!”

Kathy D.

“Leslie was wonderful – friendly and professional.”

Julie and Gary K.

“The work was beyond our expectations. Clean-up was excellent.”

Lorrie M.

“Mike, thanks for the nice job on my roof. Our neighbors, I’m sure, appreciate it also.”

Joe J.

“One of the most satisfying payments I’ve ever made – sure beats a new roof!”

Tom G.

“The roof looks great and the service couldn’t have been better!”

Jim and Cindy S.

“When the wife drives in the yard she says, ‘Boy, do I love that roof without those stains.’ ”

Doug R.

“Your service is excellent and affordable.”

Bert S.

“Looks great – we no longer feel like the ‘scourge’ of the neighborhood!”

Lon S.

“Would highly recommend. Very customer satisfaction oriented.”

Anita C.

“It looks as if we have a new roof.”

Allen Y.

“You have the ‘winning combination’ with your friendly personality and quality workmanship.”

Sue H.

“Excellent job!! People really thought the roof was new!”

Diane Q. – Coon Rapids

“Our roof looks brand new!”

Gregg J.

“We were thrilled not to have those dark stains – what a difference.”

Tom and Barb G.

“It looks terrific. Just like new again. I thought we’d have to get a new roof.”

Carmen M.

“Thanks for your prompt service and excellent work! It will be nice not to have to look at the black on the roof every time you drive in the garage.”

Marilyn O.

“For those who don’t want to reroof with algae-resistant shingles, cleaning the roof on a regular basis is one way to get rid of the black streaks. Companies such as Roof to Deck Restoration do this.”


“Thanks again for a Great Job – God Bless.”

Jan L.

“They are great people to have working on your home!”

Dick and Gwenn C.

“The roof looks brand new! Thank you!”

Jane W.

“We are very pleased! The house looks wonderful!”

Randy L.

Great Job! I have already recommended your service
to 3 people!”

Heidi and Ted K.

“I love it! Thank you.”

Eileen Q.

“I already have gotten two jobs for you.”

Chris S.

Since I wasn’t home, it was (a) treat to know you could trust someone to do (the) work right
without supervision.”

Annette B.

“Mike, thanks for giving us back a pristine roof! Please leave your sign in our yard as long as possible so everyone has a chance to know about your work!”

Carolyn P.

“The service man was extremely polite and friendly.”

Bill E.

“Roof looks like new.”

Robert G.

“It looks better than when it was new!”

Karen G.

“I put your flyers and display in the (Realtor) office. You were fabulous and my roof looks great!”

Cindy D.

“Our garage roof looks great! Thanks for a job well done!”

Terry T.

“Nice job. I am very happy with the results.”

Darlene N.

“Already recommended you to others.”

Ron & Cindy Z.

“Roof looks like new!”

Tom O.

“Thank you for the excellent job you did on our roof. It’s amazing – what a difference! We’re planning to sell our home this fall and want it to show its best.
Thanks again.”

Barb G. of Edina Realty

“What a nice change in the appearance of our home. It is amazing!”

Christine M.

“Great service – Thanks! Our roof looks like new! My husband is very happy!”

Kathie W.

“Please keep up the good work! Mark was helpful, cooperative and honest. Advertise more!”

Otto S.

“What a great improvement to our roof! More roofs could use your services!!”

Tracy N.

“The job was completed quickly. It was very neatly done.”

Randy F.

“Looks like a “million bucks”, it makes the whole place look better!”

Ron C.

“Very personable, friendly representative.”

Gregg J.

“You were far better than we expected, and will recommend you!”

Jon N.

“We are very pleased with the result. Your people were very good to work with.”

William S.

“We are still amazed at the difference your
service made.”

Mary R.

“Good job. It helped me to sell my home myself in 4 days. I recommended you to 2 Realty companies.”

Edna J.

“Thanks for a great job!”

Tom A.