Although some BBQ on the deck year-round, many Minnesotans have their first big backyard BBQ on the deck on Memorial Day. 

Whether you plan a Memorial Day BBQ on your deck or sooner, you have a few things to do to prepare beyond ordering food and cleaning the BBQ grill and smoker. BTW, if you need a thorough power washing, call (651) 699-3504 for our power washing technicians.      

Remove Debris & Clean the Deck

Unless you plan to change the paint or stain, a power wash might not be necessary. In fact, power washing could make it necessary to repaint or stain if you use too much pressure or the wrong detergent. 

It is wise and typically less expensive to leave that to trained professionals who will use the correct pressure and pet and plant-friendly detergent. However, if you choose to DIY the power wash, use only a weak to medium pressure.

Although, it usually only requires sweeping and mopping with a mild detergent to remove any road-clearing chemicals your municipality uses. Check to make sure the detergent you use is compatible with your deck material. You might need to use a crevice cleaner to get stuck-on materials from between the planks.

Check All the Nails & Fasteners

Winter’s constant temperature changes and the expanding and contracting of your deck material could cause anils and fasteners to back out slightly. Even a nail protruding one-fourth of an inch could be enough to send grandma sprawling with a plate of burgers when it catches on her shoes.

Be sure to check the railings if you have any. A protruding nail there could catch your skin or clothing. Raise nails and loose boards are the most frequent causes of slips, trips and falls on decks. Splinters are also a cause for concern.

Also, check the footing under the deck to ensure the severe Minnesota weather didn’t damage the deck’s foundation.

Is It Time for an Upgrade?

Due to the harsh weather in Minnesota, wood might not be the perfect deck material. If you are considering an upgrade, talk to the Roof-to-Deck professionals about using composite materials. 

Composite materials or “faux” wood are easier to maintain. Plus, they look new and last longer than many natural wood planks. 

Likewise, you might consider adding built-in benches along the side rails. You can have storage built into these benches to store grilling supplies and outdoor games. 

Outdoor lighting and speaker systems are other considerations for your deck upgrade.

Roof-to-Deck Can Help with Repairs You Might Not Have Time or Tools to Complete

This spring, give us a call at 1-877-687-3639 to get your deck in shape for the coming summer months and backyard BBQs. Send an email to, or use our handy contact request.