After the harsh winter months, your home can often appear grimy and weathered. After all, the winter weather has brought snow, ice, freezing temperatures, frost, the wind, and your home has taken a beating. Once the snow melts and the flowers start to bloom, the exterior of your home may look like it has been through a war zone. Once you see the wear and tear the winter has caused, you may begin the process of beautifying your home. However, if you wait until that point to begin the process, it may not be done in time to truly enjoy it for the rest of the year. That is why you should begin the planning now, in the depths of winter, so that you will be ready for spring the moment spring is ready for you.

Your Roof

Your roof often takes the worst of the winter beating simply because of its location on your home. Depending on the type of roof you have, your plan to clean and repair it may vary. If you have a cedar roof, you may require a certified wood restoration expert to come and not only clean your roof, but seal it to protect it from rain and the sun in addition to coming winter seasons. If your roof is made of asphalt or fiberglass, it is best to make sure that no algae or moss have grown on your roof. Therefore, the roof must be cleaned and protected from such growth to maintain your roof and keep it beautiful.  

Your Siding

Once your roof is clean and protected to last another year, it is time to look at the siding of your home. As with interior cleaning, you always want to clean from the top down so as to not create more of a problem in the areas you already cleaned. The siding of your home, whether it be aluminum, vinyl, steel, or stucco, also takes a beating from the winter weather. Many times moisture gets trapped in your siding, leading to moss and algae issues, or worse yet, mold problems. It is imperative that you not only clean your siding well after battling the winter but protect it with agents designed to preserve your siding in the face of the elements.

Your Deck

Finally, once you have cleaned the roof and the siding of your home, it is time to take a look at the extremities. Your deck has likely been covered through much of the season with snow and grime. In addition, it is always in the path of direct sunlight when not covered. This exposure can cause your deck to fade and the wood to bow or splinter if not properly maintained. Once you ensure the safety and beauty of your roof and siding, make sure you inspect the deck. Hopefully, a simple cleaning and maybe a new coat of staining will be all that is required.  However, it is possible that your deck will require more repair and the addition of a protectant layer to help it last through the next season.

To set your plan into action, contact Roof to Deck Restoration at 651-699-3504. Their staff of experts will help determine what actions and steps are needed to recover your home from the past winter and move forward into spring.