Cedar roofing is among the most beautiful roofing available on the market, if properly treated and maintained. A beautiful cedar shake or shingle roof on your home can be seen from miles away. Cedar roofing has been used on home for centuries.  Cedar roofing has both a high insulation value as well as being long lasting if cared for properly.  Like all outdoor wood, cedar roofs will need to be maintained and cared for to extend its life.


Properly maintained cedar roofs can last for up to thirty years. However, if left unclean and unfinished and not maintained, the roof risks warping, cupping, cracking, splintering, rotting and other issues that result from weather and algae damage. Therefore, it is important to have your roof sealed and treated against moss and algae soon after the wood shake is installed. Therefore, once your roof is installed, it must be properly sealed to protect it from the elements the seasons can bring. If properly sealed and maintained, your roof will remain beautiful and secure longer than expected.  However, if left untreated and poorly maintained, the elements will get the best of your roof.


Because wood is unprotected the moment it is removed from the tree, it is important to seal the wood to ensure it is not weathered and does not damage quickly or easily. Once you have installed your roof, it is important to select a finish that will not only provide the added benefit of beauty, but also protect your cedar shake roof from moss and algae.

To maintain your roof, protect it from weathering, damage, algae, and moss, it is important to perform a roof inspection annually and clean it accordingly. This means making sure to clean off any leaves and twigs that have fallen on your roof. The steps that should be taken to maintaining your roof and keeping it beautiful are simple. First, apply a proper cleaning solution that will loosen and lift the moss, algae, and dirt from the roof. Then, power wash with low pressure to remove the now loosened elements.  Third, neutralize the roof with oxalic acid to get the Ph. level to a base of 7.  Then your cedar shake roof must dry to a moisture content of fewer than 12%.  This is also when missing shakes and shingles are replaced.  Then seal/stain your cedar shake roof with a preservative to protect it from the elements and to prevent moss and algae.


The beauty of a cedar roof is in the wood, first and foremost. That being said, it begins with the quality of the wood.  When choosing to apply a cedar roof, make sure you are utilizing a high quality wood that is thick and well treated. Remember, this is the roof to your home, and the more time and effort you put into the quality of your roof, the less time and money you will have to put into repairing water and wind damage to your home. Beyond durability, however, the high quality will add to the beauty of your roof, raising your property value and overall aesthetic appeal.

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