Your log or cedar siding makes a beautiful first impression to your home; however, it is forced to withstand the elements year after year, which in Minnesota can be brutal. As the weather gets nice, it is time to think about the job ahead of cleaning and staining your log or cedar siding and making it beautiful once again. Of the tips discussed, it is important to remember that log and cedar siding should be handled with care, and it is always best to hire an expert to clean and maintain the beauty of your log or cedar siding.


Before you begin the actual act of cleaning your siding you must prepare your home for the job.  Remove any plants and lawn ornaments from the perimeter of your home to make sure they do not get dirty or damaged.   Cleaning cedar siding is a very messy job.  Also, clear the area of any lawn furniture and move your vehicles. Sometimes the spray can be quite extensive and cover a broader area than intended. To avoid damage to anything, move it away from the home. Please, do not forget to close the windows and doors. You do not want the interior of your home sprayed with water or stain.

The Process

When you begin the process of cleaning your cedar siding, make sure to remove any old sealer/stain with a stripping solution.  Then, using low pressure, power wash your home. Make sure you use low pressure because high pressure can damage the wood. Once you have stripped your log or cedar siding with a power washer, it is important to neutralize the wood with oxalic acid, a neutralizing agent.  This will bring the pH balance of your wood to a neutral 7 on the pH scale.  then let it dry until the moisture content of the wood is 12% or less.  If the wood is not properly dry, the sealer/stain will not properly bond, causing a bigger headache in the long run.

Once the wood is thoroughly dry, it would be a great time to check your windows and doors and make sure everything is well caulked and re-caulk as needed. Then, apply the sealer/stain. Make sure to use an oil based product so it never cracks or peels.  Oil based sealer/stains are also maintainable in the future.  Water based products are not able to be resealed or stripped in the future.  In addition, this type of product will protect the wood of your home from the sun and other harmful elements.

While it may seem like a job you would want to attempt on your own, rest assured, cleaning and sealing/staining your log and  cedar siding is a job best done by the experts to avoid chipping, peeling, or other types of damage to your home.  One wrong move and the wood may be permanently damaged. To speak to the experts, contact Roof to Deck at 651-699-3504 and receive a written quote that details all the work necessary and the costs to get it done.