It’s spring, which means it is time to enjoy your backyard. You wait all winter to throw your first barbeque and outdoor gathering, inviting friends, family, and acquaintances. When you step outside to survey the land, you notice your deck looks faded and old. This is not the impression you wish to leave on your guests for their first visit to your home for the season. As you look at your deck, you notice that you do not like the original stain and want to know your options.

Your Wood

When choosing your deck stain, first, look at the type of wood from which your deck is made. If your deck is using a richer looking wood, such as redwood, you may wish to use a stain that brings out its natural luster. However, if your deck is using a standard lumber, you may find a more colorful option would be more conducive to the look you are trying to achieve. You will also need to review how your wood will react to the stain you choose to make sure the color you buy and the color you want is the color you will get.

Natural or Exotic

Now that you have determined the type of wood you have, you must determine the best way to stain it. Do you want a natural look or a more exotic feel? Deck staining can be a creative process, as many color options are available. It is not quite as colorful as painting the walls inside your home, but you can choose from several transparent looks that bring out the natural beauty of your wood, or more vibrant colors, like vintage styles, blues, and oranges. You may even choose to mix and match colors to create a design, like the American Flag or a beautiful redbird. The colors will be more natural than paint colors, however, the look can still be quite personal. Roof to Deck Restoration offers four natural stain colors: honey, brown, cedar and redwood. If you are interested in the natural look for your deck or other outdoor wood areas and aren’t sure which one to choose, Roof to Deck can offer their expert insight as to which stain will look best on your wood. The key is to remember that your deck will be a high traffic area during the summer months, but it is still a place to express your style and show off your home. It is always recommended that you keep it classy while still choosing to be creative or keeping a natural wood finish.

The first rule of thumb when choosing to restain your deck is to make sure the wood is stable and does not need replacing. Powerwash your deck to remove the dirt and grime that has built up over the winter months before beginning the project. As you inspect the wood itself, make sure to replace the pieces that are warped or rotting with the same type of wood as already incorporated within your deck. Finally, this project, while it can be DIY, should be left to the experts to ensure nothing is missed and no accidents occur. When you are ready to restore your deck to enjoy for years to come, contact the experts at Roof to Deck Restoration at 651-699-3504. They will be honored to come out, review your deck, and provide you with a fair estimate.