No one likes ugly. It’s just a facet of life. As human beings, we naturally attempt to stay as far away from ugly as possible. Sure, we are sometimes forced to be around ugly. Yet, if we are given the choice – we almost always get away from ugly at the earliest possible convenience.

Your home is no different. If you have an ugly home, you will probably find yourself spending less and less time at home. Beauty is calming. Ugly is not. And when we are at home – most of us just want to relax.

Many homeowners find their decks to be one of their favorite areas to unwind in their homes. Maybe you enjoy the cool autumn breeze over a nice cup of hot chocolate on your deck. You may like to grill out on a warm summer night within the confines of your deck. However, you like to use your deck – you know you don’t want to have an ugly deck.

And you especially don’t want to have an ugly deck in Minnesota. Our winters are cold, and our snowfalls are plentiful. Decks in Minnesota are prone to take a beating year in and year out. It’s pretty easy for a deck to become an ugly deck in Minnesota.  So instead of spending less time on your deck, you need to change your ugly deck in Minnesota to a stunning one.


Here’s how to get rid of your “ugly deck” in Minnesota:


Just Move Already

If your deck is ugly, the easiest thing you can do is just move. Minnesota is cold, and the winters can be long. You’re better off just moving to a new home that has a non-ugly deck. Whether that home is in Minnesota or not – that’s up to you.

“Accidents” Do Happen

We have insurance for a reason. Your deck could one day happen to have “accident”. Next thing you know, you no longer have an ugly deck in Minnesota. Instead, you have a fat insurance claim that you can use to create the beautiful deck of your dreams.

Hire A Professional To Create A New Deck

You could completely demolish your old deck and start from scratch. The thing was an eyesore anyway. You would then hire a professional to help you create a new deck – a deck that is a bit easier on the eyes than the old, ugly deck in Minnesota that was part of your home.

There Is A Logical Option

Unless you have a screw or three loose, you probably thought the above three ideas were not great. That was purposeful. You shouldn’t move to a new home just because your deck is an eyesore. We certainly don’t advocate insurance fraud around these parts. Building a new deck may not be a bad option in some cases, but you’ll spend a pretty penny constructing a new deck for your home.

None of those options would actually help families in Minnesota suffering through an ugly deck. Yet, there is one logical solution. You can have your ugly deck in Minnesota restored by a professional deck restoration expert.

By having your ugly wooden deck cleaned, sealed, stained and restored – you can completely change the look of your ugly deck. Working with a professional deck restoration company, your old deck can look like new again in a short amount of time.