Cedar shingles resist pests and rot better than most woods. However, left to the elements, it will turn to a silvery gray color that looks aged. 

Some like that natural look, while others want bright shiny cedar shakes that look clean and new. It much the same with gray hair; some leave it in, some dye it out. It’s a personal preference.

However, just because you let it gray, you should not ignore it, as you will diminish its lifespan. Take care of cedar shingles on the roof or siding, and it will last much longer than most wood sidings.

Cedar Advantages:

  • Resists termites and other bugs.
  • Resists rotting when maintained.
  • Looks great for years with a minimum of maintenance.

Cedar Disadvantages:

  • Requires maintenance.
  • Woodpeckers love it.
  • A fire hazard. 

Of course, you can DIY but if you want a professional finish, call the RTD technicians.

Cedar Maintenance

If you intend to let your cedar siding or cedar shingles age naturally, it needs very little maintenance. Clean with a long-handled brush or wand with plenty of water and oxidizing bleach to kill algae, mold, and mildew. Forest Products Labs advises not using household bleach as it can damage the cedar.  

You can use a mixture of one part bleach and three parts water. After applying, let it stand for 15 minutes or more. Use a nylon-bristled brush to remove tough spots, and then rinse it with a garden hose. 

If no trees or bushes surround your home, you can do this every five to seven years. Pine and other trees overhanging your house might require more frequent cleaning. 

Staining Cedar Shingles & Siding 

Once you clean and let dry your shakes, cover your plants and landscaping with plastic or drop cloths and spray one side at a time. You can safeguard your shingles with a clear-coat protectant, stain, or paint.

Should We Paint? 

OMG, no, why would you do that? Seriously, you could if you want ordinary painted siding with no warm natural texture. Most people love the looks of varnished or stained cedar siding, and we agree.  

However, we recommend using water-based paint rather than enamel or semi-gloss if you want to paint. It is so much easier to clean off or scrape when you get ready to return to a natural wood finish or repaint. 

If you don’t have the time, tools or know-how, call RTD.  

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