Winter is almost over! That means it is getting to be that time of year when we want to stay outside as long as possible, enjoying outdoor barbeques, morning coffee on the deck, and watching the sunset from your backyard. However, winter can cause your once beautiful deck to take a beating and leave it looking worn and dreary. This battered and beaten look is far from inviting and makes you want to go anywhere else. Before you send out the invitations to the opening of your deck for the season, make sure you get your deck spring ready.


Sometimes the answer to removing the dreariness of the winter from your deck is a simple cleaning. Utilizing a professional deck cleaning company can help restore your deck’s beauty easily while maintaining the integrity of the wood. There are several important steps to a proper deck cleaning. First, it is always a good idea to do a quick sweeping of your deck to remove any large and easily removable dirt and debris. Once that is completed, it is time for the professional to pull out the pressure washer. A pressure washer uses a specialized cleaning solution, water, and extreme pressure to clean your deck. This process will not only remove small particles of dirt and debris, but will clean your deck from mildew and bacteria that may grow during the winter months. Finally, a sealant is added to the deck to keep the integrity of the wood throughout the seasons.


Unfortunately, more often than not, once the deck has been washed and sealed there may be some discoloration to the wood in some spots or all over the deck. While this may seem like an impossible and expensive task to correct, it really does not have to be. This issue does not require replacing the wood, just a simple staining of the wood to bring its luster back to life. Staining should be done by a professional who understands the process involved- it is not as simple as slapping some stain on the deck and swiping it up and down and all around to bring it back to life. Staining requires a specific technique: first, the proper stain must be purchased. Not all stains or stain colors are equal. Then, when staining, you must stain with the grain in the wood. Otherwise, the wood will look blotchy and unfinished, which defeats the purpose of staining in the first place. If properly stained, your deck may look better than new and will definitely be ready for your Memorial Day party!

The professionals at Roof to Deck are experts in restoring your deck for the season and seasons to come. Between their power washing abilities, roofing expertise, and general knowledge of home exteriors, they will bring any deck back to life after the harsh winters of the Midwest. To learn more about how Roof to Deck can help bring your deck back to life, call them at 651.699.3504.