winterize your minnesota homeThe temperature has dramatically dropped. If you live in a state that has four seasons, you know exactly what this means and what’s on its way…snow. Many people do not care for the winter season. However, many people still do as they love the look of snow, enjoy snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice fishing and country skiing. Consequently, snow can also be cold, hard and unforgiving. Especially if you haven’t winterized your roof or any other relevant parts of your home. We the roofing experts at Roof to Deck Restoration (RTD) want to save you some big money come next spring. Here are our top five tips to help you not start your spring in a financial hole.

  • Clean Those Gutters Now: The gutters on your home must be clear from all debris, so when it rains, or snows, the liquid can pass freely through the gutter process and get off your roof. Also, if you do not get these gutters clear, debris will build up and trap water. This could eventually create a very large and dangerous ice dam. We would love to remove your ice dam come winter, but if you follow this tip, you can save big money by not needing ice dam removal.
  • Downspout Inspection: Not only must your gutters be free of debris, but your downspouts also must be clear as well. After the snow turns to water and starts to drain, if it cannot properly drain, mold can develop inside the piping, which can lead to rusting.
  • Get Attic Insulated: An insulated attic is an essential piece in preventing ice dams on your roof. If heat is easily escaping through the attic, it contributes to the long staying power of dangerous ice dams.
  • Do A Quick Inspection: The Flashing must be checked periodically for warning signs of damage. However, if you have never been on top of a roof before and do not have the proper safety equipment, call a professional roofing service such as Roof to Deck Restoration. A quick inspection can save you big down the road.
  • Trim All Overhanging Branches: If you have a home where there are tree branches that drape over, touch or lean on your home, those must be identified and chopped. If too must time goes by, and the snow comes, the snow will land on branches, weighing them down, which will press them against your home hard. This could cause damage by the spring time.

Many people forget to winterize their roofs and homes and are upset with themselves come spring. Winterization is the single most important thing you can do to your roof, and home before the heavy snowfall shows up. The extreme heat during the summer months could have easily caused cracking and expansion around flashing. If left unchecked, this will contribute to ice dams, and could allow water and mold to enter your home. Roof to Deck Restoration has been in the business for decades. Roofs and homes are one of the many services we do. So if you have any questions about winterizing your roof, or other parts of your home, please give us a call today.