Now that the vast accumulation of snow has melted and revealed your home again, it is time to survey any damage. This past winter had recording-breaking snowfall that created piles and drifts of snow that were unprecedented for many newer homes. If you have cedar siding, you may notice your shingles are looking dull from exposure to too much snow and ice over the winter. To protect your wood siding from damage now is the time for cedar siding restoration.


Cedar siding is incredibly beautiful when it is maintained, but it is vulnerable to the harsh extremes of weather in Minnesota. The cold, wet weather of winter can cause shingles to swell and soften, allowing the hot summer sun to dry and shrink the wood. This can cause cracking and damage to your siding, as well as destroy the beauty of the wood. Cedar restoration can bring back the beauty of your siding while adding the protection it needs after a long, harsh winter.


Professional Cedar Siding Restoration

Cedar siding is finicky. It can last for decades, with proper maintenance, and is stunning when maintained, but it requires finesse when cleaning, staining and restoring. It must be gently washed to avoid damage to the soft wood and treated to get it ready for stain or sealer. But before you add the stain or stealer, it must dry thoroughly to ensure the protective stain or sealer will properly penetrate.


At Roof to Deck Restoration, we are cedar siding restoration experts. We understand the best techniques to bring out the beauty of your wood and use specialized equipment and products to ensure your siding is properly maintained and protected. Our trained team carefully cleans the siding and treats the cedar before we stain. We use special moisture meters that can test the shingles to ensure they are at the correct dryness before we stain or seal. Our crews also recaulk where needed, leaving your home beautiful and protected.


If your cedar siding needs restoration and protection after the long, wet winter, give us a call at Roof to Deck. We can make your cedar siding and other wood surfaces look like new again.