As homeowners, we take great pride in our home’s exterior, including the deck and even our wooden fences. Our pride in our home is why we often hire people for things like landscaping, power washing, and refinishing projects. And we should care! Our homes are probably the largest purchase we will ever make, and how we care for them says a lot about us as people. However, beauty is not the only reason we should care about our exterior. Damage to any piece of a home’s exterior can cause long-term damage to our home, property, and even potentially to our family and pets. For the purposes of this discussion, we will focus on the issues surrounding a damaged wood fence.

A Fence’s Purpose

Fences serve two purposes for most homeowners. They are designed to keep some people and animals in (such as kids and pets) and keep other people and animals out (such as unwelcomed visitors, pests, and rodents). A wooden fence serves these purposes while keeping the look of the home beautiful and appealing to the neighborhood. However, if the wood begins to rot, crack, or even bend, the effectiveness of keeping some in and others out disappears. As the wood weakens, it becomes easier for rodents and small animals to get through the fence without much effort. Eventually, as the wood deteriorates, small children and dogs – who are both often very determined when they are curious – can eventually break the wood and no longer be protected in the safety of the backyard.

What to Look For

Typically, weather is the main cause for deterioration.  A wood fence is not meant to last forever, but in normal conditions, it can last quite a while if properly maintained. There are several key issues to look for when making sure your fence is secure.  Even the casual observer can easily see issues such as wet or dry rot and sagging posts. These problems are typically easy to fix, as long as you know your way around wood. If you maintain your wood properly and repair it as needed, you will likely only need restoration through the years, rather than a total replacement – at least for a decade or so.  

When it comes to the initial installation of the fence, if your wood is not properly treated or installed at the onset, you will have numerous problems for years to come. For instance, if your lumber is not properly dried, it will warp sooner rather than later. If you are using lumber that is not moisture-resistant, you will find you need repairs or replacement within one or two rainy seasons. Even the percentage of wood underground versus above-ground can make a huge difference when it comes to protecting the fence’s overall integrity.

Proper installation and proper maintenance of any wood is key to making the structure last. Wood fences are no different, and due to their structure, they may actually require more maintenance than other outdoor fixtures. Ask the experts about maintaining and restoring your fence by contacting the experts at Roof to Deck Restoration at (651) 699-3504.