Minnesotans love their decks, but Minnesota weather does not. With hot, humid summer days and brutally cold winters, your deck can take a beating. Moisture expands wood and heat dries it out. With all those changes, you may wonder whether your deck’s life is at stake.

Giving Your Deck Some TLC

Your deck needs care to survive the day-to-day weather patterns. As time goes by, your deck may warp, crack, pop a nail or two, fade or even develop mildew. Most of these things can be avoided if you give your deck the proper attention. 

Most likely, your deck has some sort of stain or finish on it. That was the first bit of protection given to the wood on your deck. Sadly, most stains don’t last more than three to five years, if that; and walking surfaces have a far shorter life span. With that in mind, each year that goes by, your deck’s life is expiring.

Out with the Old, In with the New

It would be easy if all you had to do to extend the deck’s life was to throw a little more stain or paint on it, but that might only be putting a band aid on a gaping wound. Old stain can hide a lot of problems under it. Your deck needs a new beginning each time you stain it.

It may seem like a lot of work, but removing all that old stain and giving your deck some TLC before you re-stain it can double your deck’s life. The objective is to get down to the original wood, restore it and then add the new stain. Your deck will look as good as the day it was completed the first time. 

Don’t Have Time for All that Work?

Restoring a deck correctly does take time. Most people would much rather be out enjoying themselves on the deck than scrapping away at its rails. Fortunately, there are professionals that know how to do this work well and will even guarantee it.

Roof-To-Deck Restoration specializes in deck restoration in the Twin Cities area. We are fast, friendly and guarantee our work up to three years (18 months on walking areas). Give your deck a new start on life and start enjoying yours on it! Call for a consultation today.