Although the Spring Equinox occurs later this month, here in Minnesota, we’re still a few weeks away from what we think of as “spring.” You know, when the flowers start blooming, and we see the damage the winter has ravaged on our deck now that the snow is gone. 

Most deck repairs cost between $750 to $2,600, with the average cost being $1,700 nationwide. Of course, how much you’ll pay to repair your deck this spring will depend on what you want to have done.

NOTE: Before you begin any repair projects, consult your homeowner’s insurance agent, some repairs might be covered.

Staining Your Deck 

Everyone who’s had a deck more than a year or two knows that harsh weather turns your deck gray. That’s what happens when you don’t refurbish the stain annually. 

The average cost for stain is $380 depending on whom you get to do it and how thorough they are. The low side is $350, while the high side could run you as much as $1,350. It depends on what you need to be done.

Many homeowners wind up redoing the stain on their deck because they thought they could clean it with a high-pressure hose or paid somebody to clean it, and they used one. Either way, the moral of the story is to hire a professional to clean your deck. 

The adage, “If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself,” doesn’t always ring true.

Call the fully trained technicians at RTD Power Washing, who will use the power washing technique shown in this Deck Cleaning and Staining video on YouTube.   

Minor Repairs

Most springtime repairs for decks include replacing or tightening railings and stair treads. It is crucial to make those railings and stair treads sturdy again after a harsh Minnesota winter. 

The cost depends on how much needs to get repaired and the cost of replacement materials if any. A good start is around $200 to $300 for basic railings and balusters or much more for costly decorative rails. The type of material used can affect the price significantly. 

Deck Replacement   

When you need a total deck replacement, it could cost thousands of dollars depending on the material, though the average is about $14,000 to $15,000 to tear out the old and start fresh. Therefore, maintaining your deck with a spring redo could save you big money.     

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