cedar roof cleaning mnAs a cedar roof can be one of the best looking and stunningly natural roofs a home can have – it’s important to properly care for the cedar roof. The easiest way to do so is to make sure the roof is properly cleaned regularly.

If a cedar roof is properly cared for, it can be one of many beautiful features of your home. If a cedar roof is not taken care of, it can become an eyesore for all to see. Algae, moss, and more can accumulate to the point of damaging your roof. If this debris accumulates to a certain point, you’ll find your roof destroyed and an expensive decision coming up.

Why Cedar Roof Cleaning Is Important

In order to fully understand why cedar roof cleaning is important, you need to understand how wood works. Immediately after bark is removed from a tree, each and every piece of wood no longer has a way to protect itself from the elements. Rain, sleet, snow, and more all begin to cause damage to the wood as the unprotected wood begins to absorb the moisture. As the wood absorbs the moisture, the wood also begins to swell. Then when the sun returns the heat created from the sun causes the wood to shrink.

This continual cycle of swelling and shrinking causes damage to any wood. This includes the wood used on your cedar roof. If you refuse to regularly clean your cedar roof, you’ll find the wood may begin to:

  • Warp
  • Crack
  • Splinter
  • Cup
  • Gray
  • Fade
  • Show UV-damage from the sun
  • Mildew

…And more!

Cedar Roof Cleaning In Minnesota

All cedar roofs in Minnesota need regular cleaning. The harsh winters, wet springs, and hot summers can cause harm to even the toughest of wood. You must ensure your roof stays in good shape.

Roof-To-Deck Restoration: Experts In Cedar Roof Cleaning In Minnesota

The easiest way to make sure your roof is in shape is by working with an expert in cedar roof cleaning in Minnesota. Here at Roof-To-Deck Restoration we offer cedar roof cleaning services designed to double the life of your cedar roof.

Our cedar roof cleaning service follows this process:

  • Providing a written quote detailing exactly how we will clean your cedar roof
  • Applying a solution that kills and loosens moss, algae, and dirt
  • Washing the roof with a power wash to remove the dead, loosened debris
  • Treating the roof with a neutralizing agent that brightens the wood
  • Replacing any missing or broken singles
  • Flashing inspection
  • Re-caulking any areas that need it
  • Checking to be sure the  moisture of the wood is at 16% or less, to ensure sealer and stain bond properly
  • Staining and sealing the roof with a preservative that protects against UV damage, algae, moss, and more
  • Offering a 3-year prorated limited warranty

If your cedar roof needs a good cleaning, please reach out to us today. Here at Roof-To-Deck, we will ensure your cedar roof is as clean as it can be.