Power washing your home is not often the first chore people consider when conducting spring cleaning and home maintenance. Therefore, several years can go by before you even consider washing your home’s exterior. At that point, your home’s exterior has faced years of weather damage, mildew buildup, and overall wear and tear. And, if you are like most people, you may think that a simple paint job will fix your exterior and make it look like new. However, that is never the case, and may even cause damage by covering up the damage that leaving your home unwashed may cause. Here are some tips about power washing your home that will help its beauty shine again.

Before You Paint

Painting is never the first option, and sometimes, after the preparation work is completed, it is often unnecessary. Just like your favorite piece of furniture. Your home gets dirty. And when left unwashed, the dirt piles on top of dirt changing your home’s color, or so it seems. Before a painter will even begin to paint your home’s exterior, he will insist you get your exterior power washed, to remove the buildup of dirt, algae, moss and grime. Once you have successfully washed your home’s exterior, depending on how harsh the elements have been. You may find the beautiful siding with which you fell in love and no longer need it to be painted.

The Benefits to House Washing

Power washing your home helps bring out the beauty of your exterior. However, the other benefits to power washing can save your home. The exterior of your home battles the elements of each season and works to protect your home’s interior from dealing with these elements.  However, if left untreated and allowed to build up, these issues can seep into your homes interior causing deterioration, excessive damage, and even health issues. Mold, is one issue that if allowed to grow, can be costly and dangerous to our home and family. It can not only build up on the outside, but it can begin to eat away at your home’s structure. Algae is another issue that, if left untreated, can eat away at the wood of your home. Therefore, washing your home is a necessary step in maintaining its structure and well-being.

Other Helpful Tips

Power washers can be used to wash almost any outside object, whether it is a house, fence, deck, or even a car. When washing your home, however, it is important to use a low pressure setting with an environmentally friendly detergent that will not harm your family, pets, or plant life. Wash the home from top to bottom in a smooth, even movement. Once you have completely washing the siding of your home, it is a good idea to wash the walkway and other areas that may lead to the home to rid those areas of mold and algae that may grow and creep back up to your home.

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