Do You Know Your Roof?

You are a homeowner. You spend hours, days, weeks, months, and years obsessing over almost every aspect of your home. You make sure it is clean and beautiful on the interior and exterior. You paint the walls, cut the grass, and power wash your deck as often as needed. You likely leave no stone unturned and take great pride in your home. Yet, the phrase "Out of sight, out of mind" is very relevant when it comes to your roof. Because you cannot see the majority of your roof, you likely do not think of it unless it begins [...]

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Deck Staining Options

It’s spring, which means it is time to enjoy your backyard. You wait all winter to throw your first barbeque and outdoor gathering, inviting friends, family, and acquaintances. When you step outside to survey the land, you notice your deck looks faded and old. This is not the impression you wish to leave on your guests for their first visit to your home for the season. As you look at your deck, you notice that you do not like the original stain and want to know your options.

Your Wood

When choosing your deck stain, first, look at the [...]

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The Best Wood to Build Your Deck

Whether you want to replace your deck or build a new one, there is a lot of factors to consider. First, you need to check the structure of your home and lawn to ensure your property can support a deck. Then, you need to design the deck to make sure it adds to your property. You do not want to overshadow or detract from it. Finally, you need to choose a wood and stain for your deck. While the color of stain you choose can be a matter of personal taste, your choice of wood should be based on [...]

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The Beauty of Log Homes & Cabins

Log homes and cabins are unique in the real estate world. People either enjoy the novelty of a log cabin as a vacation home or find them truly appealing and purchase them for a main residential property. Over the past twenty years, log cabins have progressed to be much more than the small log cabins we are accustomed to seeing at summer camps or in the movies. Now, some log cabins are insulated multi-million dollar homes with all of the amenities of a typical home but with a true rustic appeal. Log homes and cabins are some of the [...]

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Looking Bad is Just the Beginning: The Problems with Damaged Wood Fences

As homeowners, we take great pride in our home’s exterior, including the deck and even our wooden fences. Our pride in our home is why we often hire people for things like landscaping, power washing, and refinishing projects. And we should care! Our homes are probably the largest purchase we will ever make, and how we care for them says a lot about us as people. However, beauty is not the only reason we should care about our exterior. Damage to any piece of a home’s exterior can cause long-term damage to our home, property, and even potentially to [...]

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Public Opinion and Your Home

In many areas, contractors may be a dime a dozen. There are roofers, wood contractors, power washers, builders, painters, repairmen: any type of contractor for home repair and construction you can think of, and some you may not have known existed!

Many times, we turn to family and friends to recommend their preferred contractor to get a job done, like fixing a wooden deck or maintaining a cedar roof. Sometimes those referrals are the best option because we trust our family and friends. However, sometimes our circle of influence does not have a good referral, has never had [...]

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Autumn Is Coming…

Most people understand the importance of winterizing their home and doing an annual spring cleaning. But what about getting ready for autumn? Autumn preparation is a wonderful opportunity to pre-game winterizing your home, making home maintenance around the holidays a bit less strenuous and cumbersome. It is also an opportunity to clean up part of the mess that summer made of your exterior – before the mess creates actual damage. Utilizing the more neutral weather season as an opportunity to get outside and do some work and maintenance on your home is a great way to keep your home [...]

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The Issues That Are Destroying Your Asphalt Roof

A well maintained asphalt roof is a beautiful finish to your home, especially since your roof is 40% of what people see of the exterior of your home. However, if you allow your asphalt roof to be ignored, it will quickly become an eyesore. Over time, this eyesore will begin to break down, leading to damage to your home, both inside and out. While asphalt is a sturdy material, if left untreated, it can begin to decay.


Evolution, For Better or For Worse

As the price of asphalt began to rise, manufacturers began [...]

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After the Storms

In the past, April showers brought May flowers. It seems as though this past year it has been May showers brings June flowers. Either way, these showers have always been more like storms leaving, at worst, severe destruction, or at best, some displaced leaves and other debris in their wake. Now that the worst storms have seemed to pass (or at least subside for a week or two), it may be time to check the perimeter of your home and see what, if anything, needs to be fixed, cleaned, or cleared. More than likely you will at least find [...]

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Cleaning and Sealing Tips for Your Log and Cedar Siding

Your log or cedar siding makes a beautiful first impression to your home; however, it is forced to withstand the elements year after year, which in Minnesota can be brutal. As the weather gets nice, it is time to think about the job ahead of cleaning and staining your log or cedar siding and making it beautiful once again. Of the tips discussed, it is important to remember that log and cedar siding should be handled with care, and it is always best to hire an expert to clean and maintain the beauty of your log or cedar [...]

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